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Adasha Gittens

Adasha Gittens

A Visionary in Event Excellence Adasha Gittens, the creative force behind Dash Events, is a trailblazer in the world of event planning. Renowned for her unwavering commitment to turning visions in unforgettable realities. 

Adasha's Key Achievements

Hudson Valley Boss Women:

Hudson Valley Magazine’s 2023 Boss Women in Business Winner: Adasha’s impact on the business landscape has been acknowledged with this prestigious award, a testament to her leadership and influence in the industry. 

National Recognition:

Recipient of the President Joe Bidden Lifetime Achievement Award: Recognized for outstanding contributions to the community and commitment to excellence, Adasha’s accolade’s extend beyond the event planning realm. 

Two Storefronts of Distinction:

Adasha’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through Dash Events with not one but two storefronts – Dash Events: The Showroom and Rental Space & Dash 302. These spaces are a canvas for her creative ingenuity, hosting events that transcend expectations. 

The Photo Booth Plug in the Entertainment Industry:

Adasha’s has become synonymous with elevating events through her innovative approach to entertainment. Known as the “Photo Booth Plug”, she has carved a niche in the industry by adding an extra layer of fun and interactivity to events through cutting-edge photo booth experiences. 

Celebrity Event Planner and Car Show Producer:

Adasha Gittens is celebrated for orchestrating events that attract not just attention but admiration. As a Celebrity Event Planner, she has seamlessly blended luxury, creativity, and star power to craft experiences that captivate audiences. Her role as a Celebrity Car Show Producer adds another layer to her diverse skill set. Adasha’s ability to merge elegance with automobile sophistication has garnered acclaim, creating a unique niche in the event planning landscape.

Dash Event Team Members

Gregory Howard

Gregory Howard

Photo Booth Manager

Ciara Howard

Ciara C. Howard

showroom manager


Odell Morris



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